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An Update

Heya. Long time, no post :-P

As I’m sure everyone has gathered, I don’t use LJ anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about the people here, though. I think of my LJ buddies often (especially you, Lisa). I really hope everyone is doing okay.

But anyway...

My health’s been in the crapper of late. I developed a raging infection and am currently on heavy antibiotics three times a day.

I got a Theodore Chipmunk doll for X-Mas. Oh how I love him.

Haven’t slept in two days. I try, but the sleep doesn’t come. Unisom, thou hath forsaken me :-/

Been creating art again. It’s called to me like an unstoppable need.

Very worried about some school related matters. Gah.

Wish my mom was here. She’s at work and I miss her. I think we might build a gingerbread house together tomorrow when she has the day off.

Well, gotta go take more antibiotics now. And maybe try to sleep again.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥sending my love far and wide♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


It's been a long time since I've made a real entry. A true entry.

Does anyone give a damn at this point? Honestly, I don't, and I'm the one writing it.

I'm sitting here chomping on a dark chocolate bar right now. This is hours after black out mode has set in, of course. You know me...ever the alcoholic :-/

So I'm really into ABC soaps these days. Anybody still watch those? I'm loving 'em. Mitch is coming back. For anyone who knows me even remotely, that's all I gotta say. You know me and the character Mitch. It's kismet :-P

Anyway, I'm working at Sears again. With my mom. Yep. It is what it is.

Going to a wedding this weekend. I'm SO excited! It's for my boss, Andy. He's the best boss I've had in a long time, so I'm happy with him.

I should go scrub my teeth. Then head to bed. Yeah. I hope to god I can sleep. You have no idea how hard that is.

Just walked away and scrubbed the teeth. So now I'm gone.

Pray I can sleep. Please.

Love you.


was gonna write something I hand wrote in my paper diary, but my head and tongue hurt too damn bad

so instead i'll quote a line from the song they just played on the radio:

"I want something good to die for,
To make it beautiful to live"

Amen to that.
Just thought I'd pop in to say I'm still on hiatus.

Right now I'm working, going to school, and dealing with some personal problems. This combo is keeping me bogged down.

Take care, folks.


Aug. 1st, 2009

Not dead.

On hiatus indefinitely.

Take care and be well.


Didn't sleep again and I was bit by a bug. The location of the bite has really swelled up. I just got done icing it, and if it doesn't improve by tomorrow I think I'm going to have it looked at.

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Oh so festive...

Been a little late in getting these up, but here they are: My 4th of July bunny ears pics :-P

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Virus Update

So it seems my mom's got this awful virus I had yesterday, too. I want to warn everyone about it because from what the roommate told me she said (she isn't here for me to speak to personally), she thinks a flawed Microsoft update or something similar may be responsible. So if anyone out there has gotten any updates recently, be careful. This virus rewrites Windows Service Pack files.

When I see my mom tonight, I'm gonna ask her more about this. I will update as I gain information.


Viruses are EVIL

My PC got a horrible infection and I had to reformat...AGAIN.

I was able to save my most important files to a memory stick, but still...damn. I've been so careful with my computer lately. Guess it doesn't really make a difference.

Bleh :-(